This privacy policy is to let you know that your personal information privacy is respected and held in high standard, including to inform you how handles any personal information that you may have voluntarily provided to or automatically collected. Megamaxmoney, LLC owns and operates This privacy policy relates only to the way handles your personal information. It does not cover Megamaxmoney, LLC privacy policy. provides service to the public and you must be 18 years or older to register as a member or subscribe to any provided programs or service. In addition, personal information about children who are 13 years old or younger are not knowingly collected, maintained or disclosed by 

Why are You Been Informed About this Privacy Policy? 

To let you know the following about the information collected from you 
  • How your personal Information is collected 
  • When the information is collected 
  • Why the information is collected 
  • What information is collected 
  • Cookies and how they are used 
  • How the information collected is used 
  • Legal Requirement 
  • Where your personal information is stored 
  • Who your personal information is shared with 
  • How your information is stored 
  • How long your information is stored 
  • Your access to the information that you have provided 
  • Your choices about the information that you have provided. 

How Your Personal Information is Collected 

Your personal information is collected through, and through email, mail, fax, text, telephone and any other media that relates to products or services. Any time you interact with or the personnel that work for, information about you may be collected. 

Cookies and How uses them. 

When you revisit a website, where you have previously registered for a service, proceed to login, and your user name and password automatically filled the space, that is cookie working. A cookie is a data generated by a website that is saved on your browser, computer, to helps remember you. Some cookies store your browsing history that can be later used to provide better and targeted service to satisfy your shopping needs. Visit our cookies policy page
Some browser provides you the option to not allow the cookies to be used. However, there is a downside to that because, if you disable the cookie, your shopping experiences may be limited, and the website shopping cart and other shopping features may not function properly for you. uses cookies that help to remember you and your shopping history, such as your previous purchase on the website. Action tags are used to help track purchases, and other related website activities on the website. A third party that has relationship with may use action tags from the website. However, does not control activities of the third party. You have the option of not allowing a third party to use such action tag by modifying your browser setting. 

When the Information is Collected 

Your personal information is collected when you place an order on the website and any other media you may have used to interact with, including during the time other services, on behalf of the website, were provided to you. 
Some of the information are collected when you voluntarily provided them. Other Information are collected automatically such as Internet protocol (IP) address, browser type, device information, Internet service provider (ISP), referring or exit pages, files viewed on, operating system, and date and time the visit was made. 

Why Information is Collected 

Providing you services that go above your expectation is goal. However, providing such service will need identifying you. Therefore, your personal information is collected to communicate with you and to help understand the best way to provides you services  not only to satisfies your needs, including to wow you. The information is gathered to help improve products and service delivery for you and to find innovative ways to improve customers satisfaction. 

What Information is Collected 

Whenever you interact with either directly or other means of communication, the following information about you may be collected. 
  • Your name, address, email address, telephone number, contact information, user ID, and any other information you may voluntarily provided. 
  • Your method of payment such as type of credit card used, expiration date, CVV code, additional billing information provided by you. 
  • Your gender, date of birth and interests, if provided by you or you are required to provide such information. 
  • Type of product or service purchased and whether it’s a gift, or for special occasion, and the related occasion. 
  • Gift messages you have written, recipients name, address, email address, telephone number, and any other information you may have voluntarily provided. 
  • The device used, location, platform, application information, duration of use, and how it was used. 
  • Network information that include IP address, network carrier, country code, browser information and how you interact with the service. 
  • Text information, including the messages, time of use and duration  
  • Chat messages, time of use and duration. 
  • Other information that you may have voluntarily provided. 

How Information Collected is Used and shared 

Information collected are used to communicate with you, process your orders, enhance services provided to you, find a better way to improve products and service delivery, improve personalized shopping experience for you, inform you of any special offering and to grant credits where applicable. 
Your information is used to update your profile for accuracy and to communicate with you of any changes and update to this privacy policy. does not and will not intentionally sell your information to any third party. Your information may be share with a third party in the process of drop shipping or fulfilling product or service you have purchased. Information shared is limited to your names, product or service destination address, a gift recipient information that you have provided, names and product or service destination address. It does not include your credit card information, unless is authorized by you. 
A drop shipping or fulfillment third party may use the information provided to them by to match other public and private data source such as USPS and other related companies to complete shipping process.   
Your information may be transferred in a situation where is acquired or sold to another company, a part of it or whole company is leased, during assignment of part or whole company or company business. A transfer of your information may occur when change of control has happened or in case of bankruptcy. 

Legal Requirement may be required to disclose personal information about you, when disclosure of your personal information is necessary to satisfy legal process, in response to lawful requests from authorized public entity, to protect your right, safety, and the right and safety of others, including 

Where Your Personal Information is Stored and Secured. operates business in United State, therefore, be cognizant   that information collected about you, including information you voluntarily provided is stored in United State. does not store your information outside United States, regardless of the locational source of the information. If information provided to or collected from you is from outside United States, be aware that by using service you consent to your information been transferred and secured in United States. 

How Your Information is Secured 

It’s recognized that the privacy of your personal information is highly important to you and places high premium to the protection and security of your personal information. During the process of you transmitting such information, through acceptable and secured channels, and when such information is received, generally accepted standards to protect your personal information are strictly adhered by  
Using Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology, when you place an order at, your credit/debit card information is encrypted by the SSL technology before is transmitted over the Internet. Consensus is that SSL works best when you access a website and transmit personal information using the following browsers: Microsoft IE®, Google Chrome®, Mozilla Fox®, and Apple Safari®. adheres to the recommended standards regarding the security of your personal information, however, transmission of any data over the Internet is not 100% secured, therefore, no guarantee or warrantee is granted for a 100% security during transmission and when your information is received, secured and stored. 

How Long Your Information is Stored 

How long your personal information is stored is dependent on data retention policy. However, certain circumstance may require your information be stored for a longer period to comply with legal obligations. Your personal information is retained if your registered account with is active, to satisfy your requested service, and to comply with your request to keep your personal information. You may request to stop using your personal information, however, your information will be kept, without using it until you request to erase it, unless erasing your personal information goes against legal requirement not to erase. If you are no longer customer, your information will be kept, in consonance with personal data retention policy, in an inactive status and will not be used. 

California Privacy Rights. 

California Residents, who are customers of a company, are legally permitted to request information from that company who share their personal information with third party and that third party use that information for direct marketing. currently, does not knowingly, share customer personal information with a third party who uses that information for direct marketing.  

Limiting or Modify Your Information 

You may be sent promotional information via email or text. Each promotional communication provides an option to opt-out of receiving further promotional information via the media used. If you wish to make changes to your personal information stored at, You can login using the credentials that were provided you by or the one you created, and update your personal information stored on the website. Note that changes made will not be effective immediately, because a confirmation will be required from you. 
If you choose not to provide your personal information, be aware that if your personal information is required to comply with your request under contract, order or service between you and will not be successfully completed.    
If you have concern or question to any part of this privacy policy, contact using the information provided below. When contacting indicate section of the privacy policy you have concerns and your reasons.  

Changes or Update to this Privacy Policy 

Changes or updates may be made to this privacy policy and when such takes place, it will be posted on the website and an email, if we have your email on record, will be sent to you about the changes or update. 
After the changes or update to the privacy policy are made and posted on the website, by using and associated service, you agreed and legally bound by the changes or updates made to the privacy policy. 
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